Project ID982
DescriptionU3A in London set up a Debate of the Age Study Group to discuss the Millennium Debate and concentrated on just one of the five themes, Values and Attitudes. They prepared a questionnaire and worked with a local secondary school where a Year 8 class was already working on a 'granny project'. A final report on the work was submitted to the Age Concern Millennium Debate.
TypeExternal research (U3A as research assistants)
U3AU3A in London
Organization/partnerAge Concern - Millennium Debate
Year started1999
Source of referenceSources 4,  May 1999
OutputAt the end of the project, the U3A invited the whole class (27 children of multi-ethnic mix aged 12-14) and their teacher to a debate with 17 U3A members, which was recorded.
NotesThere were plans at the time for more inter-generational work, both with the same school and possibly with college students.