Project ID949
DescriptionDuring the last year or two these issues have risen to the top of the agenda of the National Executive Committee. One concerns the profile of the membership of the U3A. Apart from the self-evident truth that our members are thirdagers, we know little else about them. Visually one thing is very clear; almost all our members are white. Another issue raises the question whether there are 'no-go’ U3A territories. Are there parts of our larger towns and cities where U3As do not exist and are unlikely ever to come about?
TypeU3A-led research (not an SLP)
U3ANorth Sheffield U3A
Year started2001
Source of referenceSources No.11   February 2001
OutputNone known
NotesNo matter how we tried to explain 'university', many people in our northeast area were put off by the name 'University of the Third Age' and immediately decided it was not for them. This was so even in the more prosperous northern part of our very large area. Most people there preferred the more relaxed leisure appeal of the flourishing Over-50s clubs to the idea of a U3A.