Project ID946
DescriptionLen Street, the former U3A Chairman, has pointed out that U3As have linked with the National Trust to research a garden layout, have recorded oral history of a town and are engaged in a project to create an oral history archive of 20th century technological developments. Other U3As could assist museums in local research, cataloguing, using members’ technological knowledge about processes and equipment, restoration work, role players or room stewards. U3As with art groups have given accounts of their visits to galleries in SOURCES, and archaeologists and historians have used the museums’ resources. This Government policy publication, The Learning Power of Museums, will add impetus to the growth of a learning society of which all U3As are a part.
TypeU3A-led research (SLP)
Year started2000
Source of referenceSources No.10  November 2000
Output"The combination of leisure and learning that museums can offer is a most valuable asset." That is to be found in the foreword to a policy document published jointly by the Department of Culture, Media and Sport and the Department of Education and Employment. The Learning Power of Museums sets out a vision for museum education whereby local and national museums and galleries can enhance their unique capacity to provide us with opportunities for appreciation, reflection and learning. "Through their education programmes," states the publication, "museums can help to realise the objectives of the DfEE and the DCMS in promoting social inclusion, fostering creativity and developing the attitudes, aspirations and abilities of children and adults."
NotesWhile this is not a specific project, it appears to be the first stirrings of what would later become Shared Learning Projects, which began in 2002.