Project ID944
DescriptionThe Room for Thought Group was formed to stimulate members who had not done any research for some years to satisfy their curiosity about a wide range of subjects. The subjects are chosen so that each member can take one facet of it, do research and then bring the results to the next meeting. For example, the Solar System was one subject and each member was given the task of finding out as much as they could about an individual planet. The result was a collection of facts which were so interesting that a small booklet was produced. Other subjects included "A famous scientist and his/her most important discovery", "A famous artist and the member's favourite picture" and "The Twenties" with each member looking at one facet of that decade.
TypeU3A-led research (SLP)
U3ABoston U3A
Year started2000
Source of referenceSources No.10  November 2000
OutputNone known