Project ID941
DescriptionThe interest in the art of Corn Dollies started when friends were invited to my house for a short talk on the history of this ancient craft of Pagan times. So began the monthly workshops which have now been running for two years. In that time a group of eight members, who had no knowledge whatsoever of working with straw, have learned basic skills and techniques of plaiting and weaving. We are a self-help group and meet in my house where I provide the materials, such as wheat, thread, wire, ribbons etc. with easy instructions and diagrams for both traditional projects and novelties. A short time ago we presented a display to our U3A new members meeting where each member of the group showed their completed work of Corn Dollies, such as Welsh Border Fan, Suffolk Horseshoe, Mordiford Heart, Glory Braid, St. Brigid's Cross, Cat's Foot Plait, Tied-Straw Angels and Dolls, Bells, Owls, Hedgehogs and Christmas Tree Hangings. For the millennium display we are making a full size figure of the traditional Ceres.
TypeU3A-led research (not an SLP)
U3AEastbourne Meads U3A
Year started1999
Source of referenceSources No.6  November 1999
OutputWe have now started our third year of workshops and already the group are looking forward to developing their individual styles with confidence and competence. A beginner's class also starts in October.