Project ID916
DescriptionThe Memories Project, a six-week course run for Thanet U3A, was not intended to improve the short-term memory. Far from it: the intention was to delve into our own early lives. However, we soon found that one person’s reminiscence triggered something in everyone else’s mind. Anecdotes emerged that had been long-forgotten, memories were evoked of tastes and sights and smells that were no longer around. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and would urge other groups to try it. Don’t let these historical memories fade and die. Let’s preserve the past by talking about it, writing it down and sharing it.
TypeU3A-led research (not an SLP)
U3AThanet U3A
Year started2019
Source of referenceSources Online, August 2019      TAM 39 Winter 2019  p52
OutputBooklet produced