Project ID906
DescriptionWonder materials - During the news review segment of our group’s monthly meeting, frequent attention was given to announcements about new materials with amazing properties. Graphene is the poster child but there are many more - we identified 20. So it was decided to bundle these up into a single endeavour modelled somewhat on the U3A “Shared Learning Project” template whereby each member was assigned a “Wonder Material” to answer a set of points about his or her material, its make-up, its properties that accounted for the announcement, and its actual or potential applications.
TypeU3A-led research (not an SLP)
U3ADidcot & District U3A
Year started2018
Source of referenceDemonstration at U3A Science Network meeting, Aston University, 2019
OutputThe slide presentation can be accessed via this link:!AjzV-YkOnd7u6TG-2IxmVMp9vgTm?e=sE6mLV
NotesResponses were turned into a PowerPoint presentation shown at a local school and neighbouring U3A. It must be emphasised that what we produced does not amount to a materials textbook, firstly being a lay view, and secondly fulfilling an object as much about active participation of our membership as it was about learning. However many general lessons were learned, in particular about the lengthy and often tortured process whereby such materials find their way into useful products.