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DescriptionA project has started at Kingston University archives to be based on the Cary Ellison Theatre Programme Collection. Cary Ellison was a talent spotter who worked for Spotlight magazine and as part of his work he went on twice yearly tours of repertory performances around the country in order to find up and coming actors, directors and plays. The programmes of these productions, heavily annotated by Ellison, are now at Kingston University. They cover theatre performances from around the UK and the London West End from the 50s to 70s when Ellison was touring the country. He saw up and coming actors and made notes on their performances. Some of these people eventually became famous. Interested U3A members are being asked to research various aspects of theatre history based on the Cary Ellison programmes and notes. This is an opportunity to include U3A members across the UK because a lot of the information is already archived and can be carried out online at home.
TypeU3A-led research (SLP)
U3ALondon Kent & Essex U3As
Year started2019
Source of reference
This link takes you to the Kingston University Archive and then just click into the 181.ppsx at the side to download the PowerPoint presentation.
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Notes See also Entry 1038 which refers to further research on the theatres