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DescriptionSocial prescribing is essentially about steps to keep healthy in your Third Age, with GPs guiding well people into paths or activities to help them stay that way. A plan that fits in well with that philosophy is maintaining a personal record of those activities that ensure a sound and balanced lifestyle that is right for you. Heswall U3A member, John Bews, has developed what he calls a MeMap (a simple chart with yourself in the centre). This is used as part of a memory workshop which we run together. The ideas are very much in line with recommendations from The Global Council on Brain Health, as the workshop always seeks to ensure that the best current medical advice is used. The presenters are essentially enablers – seeking to pass on expert guidance, with indication of the authoritative source.
Medical and Health
TypeU3A-led research (not an SLP)
U3AHeswall U3A
Year started2019
Source of referenceSources Online, posted 19.4.19      
Item submitted by Arthur Maltby, U3A Subject Adviser for Memory
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