Project ID850
DescriptionIn 1647 the celebration of Christmas was declared by Parliament to be a punishable offence. In Canterbury, attempts to enforce this led to discord, rebellion, and violence that erupted in a series of riots. On Wednesday 22nd December 1647 the Canterbury Town Crier declared that Christmas Day would be a normal market day. The mayor ordered the shops to open as usual. However, on Christmas Day one church in the High Street held a service in defiance of Parliament’s decree. The mayor moved in and broke up the service. It was alleged that he beat some of those present, including women and children.
TypeU3A-led research (not an SLP)
Organization/partnerRoyal Holloway College
Year started2018
Source of referenceCitizens 800 website
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NotesThis is one of number of SLPs linked to the Citizens project at Royal Holloway College - see file card 547 for details
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