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DescriptionTorquay is regarded as a sleepy and affluent place. Yet, despite its ‘sleepy’ reputation, the Riot Act was read twice in the nineteenth century. The town was one of great inequality. While large villas were built for wealthy families, there was a shortage of homes for the working people. In one slum, two thousand men, women and children lived in 6 lodging houses. In Torre and Ellacombe, in the town centre, the population rose up, protested, and rioted in pursuit of reform.
TopicSocial history
TypeU3A-led research (not an SLP)
Organization/partnerCitizens 800, Royal Holloway College
Year started2018
Source of referenceCitizens 800 website
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NotesThis is one of number of SLPs linked to the Citizens project at Royal Holloway College - see file card 547 for details
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