Project ID773
DescriptionA Museum Object - When we first met at the museum I had no idea of a subject to follow not having been born and raised locally so I took the suggestion of researching a museum object. I settled on a picture promoting tobacco. I found a wealth of information on international companies. I produced a Power Point Presentation.
TopicSocial history
TypeU3A-led research (SLP)
U3ARoding Valley U3A
Year startedNot known
Source of referenceNone known
OutputNone known
NotesIn summary my experience of the shared learning project was an opportunity to help with some research for the museum and our monthly updates helped with discussing findings and problems. I then took part in a mapping project which was the start of preparing information to make available a searchable data resource at the museum on the maps and plans it holds. I am very pleased to have contributed to this very detailed work to make a useable local resource and learnt a lot in the process.