Project ID739
DescriptionNorthampton U3A's Leathercraft Activity Group became volunteers on the National Leather Collection's project to help sort and catalogue 800-plus boxes of leather related objects, including fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls and leather under garments.
Natural world
Social history
TypeU3A-led research (SLP)
U3ANorthampton U3A
Organization/partnerNational Leather Collection
Year started2015
Source of referenceSources 63, February 2018
This link is no longer available but you can still access the original article. Go to then Resources / Publications /Sources Archive  and find the number of the issue.
OutputThe information will be digitised to make it available as a national project.
Several different study groups were involved - microscope users group, photography group and local history group.
NLC would like to hear from other areas - did your town have a tannery, saddlery, book bindery etc? Genealogy groups, could you research people influential in the leather industry? NLC also holds the V&A's furs and leather collection, as well as a collection relating to the sporting use of leather.