Project ID732
DescriptionEye tracking as an early indicator of Alzheimer's
TypeExternal research (U3A as research subjects)
U3ALancaster & Morecambe U3A
Organization/partnerLancaster University
Year started2014
Source of referenceCentre for Ageing Research

OutputResults of a study that show whether cognitive testing and the use of eye tracking can diagnose Alzheimer's disease early
NotesAs well as individuals from the local U3A going to the university to be tested I, as Research Ambassador and External Liaison for Lancaster and Morecambe, have set up 4 days of testing at the venue in Lancaster where most local U3A activities are held.This has attracted more participants. Dr. Gemma Lancaster, from Lancaster University's Department of Physics also gathered data at this time regarding electrical brain activity as a predictor of Alzheimer's