Project ID681
DescriptionTo find out what happens to our mental capabilities and our calmness when we become dizzy or disorientated. This line of research may help us to appreciate the day-to-day difficulties experienced by people with dizziness secondary to vestibular (inner ear) dysfunction. It may also lead to a deeper understanding of why in-flight conditions, which render flight crew dizzy or disorientated, can lead to human error and air accidents.
TopicMedical and Health
TypeExternal research (U3A as research subjects)
U3AIndividual U3A members, London, acting on request received by the U3A
Organization/partnerUniversity of Westminster, Dept. of Psychology
Year started2017
Source of referenceRequest to London Region from the researcher
OutputNone known
The study involves responding to a quite a simple task on a laptop computer while being spun at steady speeds in a motorised chair that was purpose built some years ago by the RAF. It is quite a taxing study but there are no lasting side effects.