Project ID660
DescriptionAlthough people talk about family size a lot, there is little research evidence about people's emotions around having children compared to not having children, and especially how much the choice not to have children is related to factors such as health, life stress etc. We also don't know how similar the opinions of men and women are on this subject. Although being a parent is a popular choice for many people, others prefer a life without children, and others find they are unable to have children. This survey is about people’s thoughts about being a parent, what makes people decide to be childless, and feelings around problems in having children.
TopicMedical and Health
TypeExternal research (U3A as research subjects)
U3AIndividual U3A members, National, acting on request received by the U3A
Organization/partnerUniversity College London
Year started2016?
Source of referenceRequest to U3A from researcher
OutputNone known
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