Project ID645
DescriptionFlorence Nightingale and Medical Statistics - this presentation looks at the position in the early 19th century as the background to Nightingale’s life and work, including medical knowledge and practice, statistics and their use and education. It considers her life and work against this background – family, friends, contacts, beliefs - leading to her well-known role in the Crimean War, and explores the way in which she used her fame politically. It shows that she was very much more than “the Lady with the Lamp” and evaluates the lasting effects of her life and work.
TopicSocial history
TypeU3A-led research (not an SLP)
U3ARugby U3A
Year started2017
Source of referenceTalk given at the U3A Science Network Meeting, Nottingham, 2017
OutputNone known
NotesWilling to give this talk to other U3As and available via Zoom