Project ID644
DescriptionAdditive Manufacturing or 3D Printing The talk is an introduction to the very diverse and rapidly expanding area of 3D printing, which seeks to produce products by building them up layer by layer rather than by the more traditional methods or cutting, shaving, removing material and then joining parts together. 3D printing is beginning to impact many areas. It is possible to print metals, plastics, human tissue, and food amongst many materials, so it can be used for a new ear or a fancy chocolate! The talk covers the history and basic processes of 3D printing and looks at the diverse materials which can be used and gives examples of some of the revolutionary products produced. The talk also covers the benefits, drawbacks and future of 3D printing.
TypeU3A-led research (not an SLP)
U3ABognor Regis U3A
Year started2017
Source of referenceTalk given at the U3A Science Network Meeting, Nottingham, 2017
OutputNone known
NotesWilling to give this talk to other U3As