Project ID551
DescriptionThe Bible and the Rise of Modern Science – there was a crucial shift in the worldview of northern Europe, partly brought about by the work of 16th century humanists. They brought a study of 1st century classical texts to the translation of the Bible into European languages. They promoted a shift in authority in matters of religion. The invention of printing spread these ideas and sparked the Protestant Reformation. This, in turn, facilitated a shift in science from trust in ancient authorities to trust in the experimental method. I particularly looked at the effect on the rise of science in Britain by the translation of the Bible into English.
TypeU3A-led research (not an SLP)
U3ASwindon U3A
Year started2016
Source of referenceTalk given at the U3A Science Seminar, Harper Adams, 2016
OutputNone known
NotesWilling to give this talk to other U3As