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DescriptionGeorg Christoph Lichtenberg and Étienne Léopold Trouvelot worked on the same subject and published scientific papers on it, but lived a century apart and never met. What they both worked on are called to this day Lichtenberg figures, the strange, beautiful, almost organic shapes formed when a pulse of high-voltage electricity passes over the surface of an insulator. Lichtenberg was the first to describe these figures, and Trouvelot one of the first to record them photographically. I have researched the history of two men who were interested in both science and art, and have also created Lichtenberg figures myself.
TypeU3A-led research (not an SLP)
U3AHeritage Coast Lyme Regis U3A
Year started2016
Source of reference
Talk given at the U3A Science Seminar, Harper Adams, 2016


NotesWilling to give this talk to other U3As and available on Zoom