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Welcome to the u3a research database

To submit details of your own u3a reseach project please use this simple form.

As a visitor to this site you can browse or search for projects or use the grid to scroll through the whole current listing. You can also search for projects by name of connected third party.

If the project filecard has a contact tab at the foot of the card, you will be able to get in touch with the project coordinator by sending an email directly to them.

Our intention has been to include all research in which the u3a is involved, but in some areas the entries are more of a representative selection, particularly in the case of projects carried out by individual study groups.

There are a lot of entries which relate to the umbrella project Citizens 800 - if you want to see all the entries relating to this, type "Citizens 800" into the keyword search. The same process will find all local projects relating to the national High Street Project – just type "High Street Project" into the keyword search.

You can also watch a short demonstration video introducing use of the database website.

Editors, please log in to access the editing functions via the editing page, where you will also now see latest news about the development of the project, and visit the forum to share ideas about research in u3a and post comments about anything on the site.

Use the contact page to send a message (including a request to be registered as an editor) or ask a question of the administrator.

The number of projects in the database is now: 1075

Some further information on shared learning projects: background and current activity; and recent projects.